OPFP Mission

Operation People for Peace (OPFP) provides advocacy for the underserved, underrepresented, and disenfranchised. We strive to achieve our goals by working and associating with other non-exempt organizations through an awareness campaign concerning our purposes. Our purposes are not limited to these actions but will include distributions including food donations, clothing, and shelter; awareness campaigns surrounding health and wellness, educational needs with educational digital technology, concerns for incarcerated individuals and reducing recidivism within prison systems, housing, and other needs for assisting the underclass. Furthermore, we strive to reduce violence and we believe that all should have a clean environment and be free of harm. This includes clean air and water in all communities. We also believe in the cessation of war in communities, globally. Our organization believes in and promotes peaceful dialogue and non violent action in order to resolve conflict in communities across the globe.

Our efforts include disaster relief and needs that occur during disasters such as hurricanes, floods, fires, clean air issues, clean land and water issues, homelessness. Our efforts will assist any other needs of disenfranchised communities affected by acts of God or industry. In addition, from time to time this organization will affiliate itself in concert with other approved non-exempt organizations and federal, state, and local government and quasi government agencies to become an advocate in the area of disasters through non violent direct action, lectures and disseminations of literature and other means of public instruction. In order to conduct these activities we utilize community volunteers and staff from Operation People for Peace, Inc. and all other agencies aforementioned. All activities are located in various community agency outlets and churches but are not limited to public media outlets.

In times of need, Operation People for Peace, Inc. will recommend and advise the underserved and underrepresented communities or individuals to receive their legal rights to appeal before government agencies, globally agencies and courts concerning inadequacies that may exist in their communities in order to advocate their rights through non violent action. This organization will contact and advise other non profit, exempt agencies or retain and organized profit legal assistance to articulate the issues of the underserved. This organization will go to governmental agencies for assistance in legal matters including contacting the US Department of Justice and the United Nations for global actions to voice the concerns of the underserved and underrepresented, globally.